Dr Lucy Brooks
Dr Kirsten Sellick
Dr Hannah Barham-Brown
Caroline Hunt

Help in Handbags is a community project which was set up by Dr Hannah Barham-Brown, Dr Lucy Brooks, Dr Kirsten Sellick and Caroline Hunt.

They started with a simple WhatsApp message about using unloved handbags and hotel toiletries to improve the lives of some less-fortunate ladies in Leeds.

By the end of one day they had a logo, a twitter account and a further fifteen keen volunteers, and by the end of one week Hannah had a house full of sanitary products and interviews with local press lined up!

Since then, Help in Handbags has grown and evolved, and is now a part of Homed.

HOMED is a charitable union society run by students at The University of Leeds to promote understanding of and encourage engagement with issues relating to homelessness in Leeds.