We are a Leeds-based community project tackling period poverty by providing donated toiletries and sanitary products to hostels within Leeds, to give support to homeless women and people who menstruate. We work within HOMED, a University of Leeds student society, run by students at this university.

A month’s supply of sanitary products and toiletries lovingly packed and distributed in donated handbags

Help In Handbags is a collective effort officially partnered with Freedom 4 Girls, a wonderful organisation who distribute our ‘help in handbags’ to wherever they are needed in Leeds.

Freedom 4 Girls collecting a batch of handbags to distribute

Some of the distributions go to projects supporting assylum seekers and refugees, and therefore we have since started making ‘towel-only’ bags to provide to this social demographic. We are also considering future moon-cup bags when we can ensure distribution will go to those with adequate facilities to use these safely and hygienically.